Can Two Different Types Of Fish Mate? Fishes, like humans, have organs too, males have testes and females have ovaries. It is said that there are species that have two sets of organs and they are called hermaphrodites. And some species have secondary organs known as genital papilla.

Can two different types of fish mate? Study shows that while there are different types of fishes, it is possible that two types of fish mate. Choosing the right mate will make a new breed of fish, but if there’s a mistake, it can lead to a new evolution of species.

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I will make you understand more about fishes that can breed easily throughout this short read as well as the different ways in how they reproduce.

Different Ways Fish Lay Eggs

There are different ways that fishes can reproduce, and some fishes can reproduce even without a mate.


In this method, female fish is fertilized due to a male’s fin and that the fry will come out about a month later. With this, after coming out, the fry can swim as early as it is being released and go looking for their food.

Examples of livebearing methods are guppies.

Doing It By Themselves

Some breeds of fish can produce eggs by themselves because they have both male and female reproductive organs. Unisex fishes are always born female, and they reproduce female fish too. Unisex females can mate with male fish, but their male sperm has no contribution to their offspring.

Some fishes can change their sex from female to male and then back to female. Fish with this kind of type is sea bass or Serranidae that can be born females only.

Egg Laying

With this method, fish lay their eggs until they hatch at around 7 to 10 days but still vary. Some fishes scatter their eggs in various areas, and the male will follow them and fertilize the eggs. They two fish race around to the tank without stopping to feed.

Some fishes leave their eggs attached to the surface of the saliva. The male follows the female while laying the eggs, and the male fertilizes it. Usually, catfish use this kind of mating.

Easy To Breed Fish Species

Since it is proven that two different types of fishes can mate, we listed some of the fishes that are easy to breed. If you’re a first-time fish owner, these lists will help you.


Anableps fish have four eyes, two of them look above the waters while the other two keep an eye on their prey and predator. This fish can reach up to 12 inches long, and it is said that it is easy to breed. This fish can be found in the fresh and brackish water of Northern South America and Trinidad. They say that if you want to start big inbreeding, this fish is perfect for it.


Guppies fish are known for their rainbow color on its tail, and they are also known as million fish by some. This fish is an easy can of fish too, like the anableps. It is the world’s most widely distributed tropical fish and is a popular freshwater aquarium fish. Female fishes are said to be bigger than male guppies.

Female guppies are known for the reuse of sperm to fertilize for as long as eight-month. So, when the male guppy dies, female guppies still live on to create little guppies.


In general, fishes with two different types can mate and produce new breeds of fishes. If you are going to pet a fish, you must know which fish species are easy to breed.