Can Small Hooks Catch Big Fish?

Fish hooks are one of the essential accessories you will need when you go fishing. There are dozens of hooks to choose from, which can be a bit overwhelming. You might also be wondering about the importance of the hook size.

Can small hooks catch big fish? You can catch big fish even with a small hook. The size of the hook does not determine the size of your catch. Just because you use a bigger hook, that does not mean you will get bigger fish.

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This article will talk about some of the different types of hooks you can use. Also, the article will explain why the hook’s size does not determine the size of the catch.

Types Of Fish Hooks

Each fish hook has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. They were all made with a specific purpose in mind.

Circle Hook

It is one of the most popular hooks because it is easy to use. You do not have to set or jerk the hook when you use this one. All you need to do is to reel in the fish when you feel it take your bait.

The circle hook is designed so that when the fish eats the bait, it automatically attaches to the hook.

Worm Hook

Although this hook is mostly used with worm bait, it can work with other bait types. You can use this with both artificial and live bait. They work exceptionally well with craws, flukes, and tubes. There are even several different subcategories of worm hooks.

Treble Hook

The treble hook has three sharp curved hooks that branch out. It is very useful if you want to catch more than one fish at a time. It is also worth noting that the treble hook can also be used with artificial bait. Attaching live bait goes against fishing regulations in many places.

Kahle Hook

The Kahle hook looks like a round letter J. These hooks often have thinner wire than others, so this makes them more delicate. Kahle hooks are great for larger live bait since they are much less likely to damage the bait.

Catching Big Fish With Small Hooks

Experienced anglers know that the size of the hook has little to do with your catch. Using a bigger hook does not mean you will get bigger fish. It is the opposite. Most big fish species are caught using very tiny and thin hooks.

If you use a bigger hook, you are more likely to catch multiple fish and sea creatures. The size of your catch may vary. It could be challenging to catch large fish with a big hook since smaller fish will sink into your hook.

To make sure this does not happen, it is better to use hooks smaller in size.


Small hooks can catch big fish. It might be easier to get a big catch with a smaller hook. The type of hook you use is more significant than the size of it.