Fish Sleeping With A Red Light

Aquarium lights are essential accessories for those fish living in tanks. It can help them regulate their sleeping and food pattern behavior, and all fish require some periods of total darkness.

Aquarium lights can illuminate fish colors, make it easier to spot tank problems, and regulate your fish’s sleeping and eating.

Can fish sleep with a red light on? Yes, red lights are used to light the entire aquarium at night to observe the fish inside. It has been reported that fish cannot distinguish the difference between the color red and others, so using red light won’t affect their sleeping patterns.

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In this article, you will learn about aquarium lighting, its benefits, and what seems to be the appropriate timing to give them lights or entirely shut them off.

Fish Lighting Requirements

Before introducing them to different lightings, you need to consider and check your species’ requirements, as it varies depending on their species.

In general format, a fish requires 12 hours of light a day. For instance, goldfish lose their color if they don’t have enough light, and some species lose their appetite if they don’t get enough lighting throughout the day.

It can also jeopardize their sleeping pattern, as too much light won’t help them to be comfortable and sleep.

Problems From Light

Another instance that you need to consider with regards to proper lighting is the algae overgrowth.

When your tank is pretty much lit 24 hours a day, algae can quickly grow, and this can make your tank look dirty if you have natural plants in it.

Some fish need some darkness to help them sleep, and without proper sleep, they can become sluggish and stop eating.

Some also developed some aggression towards their owner if they have too much lighting in the tank.

Light Timing Methods

Light timers are essential when it comes to regulation of your fish’s day/night routine.

Simple set the timer to turn off the lighting and set another one to turn it on the next day.

If you do not use light timers, you can set the alarm on your mobile phones to turn it off and turn it back on each day.

Consistent light cycles can replicate the daytime and nighttime in their surroundings, reducing stress and mimic their natural habitat.

Regulating Temperature

Temperature is also a critical factor when considering lighting methods. If you use heat light to warm your aquarium, it is best to use an aquarium heater instead.

It is particularly if you have some tropical fish that then requires some warmer temperatures.

Ceramic bulbs are also a good alternative when you want to produce heat without producing light.


To conclude, fish sleep too, and it is regardless if its day or night.

They can also sleep for an extended period, which is why it is essential to maintain periods of light and dark with your aquarium lighting regardless if you have total darkness or red light.

It stimulates their daytime and night time and makes sure they have enough sleeping areas for them to rest.

Give them enough lighting, and they will be stress-free and happy fish in general.