Can Axolotls Live With Fish?

As a pet owner, our responsibility is to make our pets happy and content. To make them happy, we tend to buy another pet for them to have a companion. Because they believe in the saying that “the more, the merrier.” But as a pet owner, it’s our responsibility too if our pet prefers to have one or not.

Can axolotls live with fish? Axolotls can’t live with fish because they might find each other. But guppies, small shrimps, minnows, and mini snails are some species that an axolotl can live with.

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As you read, we’ll let you know why axolotl can’t live with fish. We will also tackle why those said species are a better companion for your axolotls.

A Fish Can Be A Disease Carrier

We know that it is tempting to put fish inside your Axololt’s tank too. For this reason, experts say that before you do this, you should first consider their health. They say that fishes can be a carrier of some diseases as well as pests. And worst they might hurt each other.

Fishes you put on an axolotls tank may be the source of your pet’s death. It can cause your axolotls stress. And it may lead to their eating habits disorder.

Animals You Can Put In An Axolotls Tank

Though fishes are not allowed to be in an axolotls tank, we listed some that can be with them.

Mini Snails

Mini snails like Ramshorn, apple, and bladder are some recommended companions. Though some won’t recommend these, some owners will attest it can be with axolotls. They say that mini snails help get rid of axolotls leftovers.

Which, on the other side, also helps avoid your axolotls from acquiring bacteria.

Mini Shrimp

The ghost or glass shrimps are one of those that can be an axolotls companion. Like the mini snails, they are great too in eating the leftovers of your axolotls. That’s why they can be an effective aquarium cleaner.

Of course, there are pet owners that prefer not to put this in an axolotls tank.

It’s because it can be the Axolotls snack or dinner too. Based on some research, since they are prone to be axolotls food, you don’t have to worry.

Because mini shrimp don’t have an exoskeleton, unlike the snails, meaning when your axolotls eat shrimps, they won’t get choked and break.


Though we said that axolotls couldn’t live with fishes, this one is an exemption. Some may say that this kind of fish is the only fish that an Axolotls can accept as their companion. But, still, we won’t guarantee you 100% that an Axolotls won’t eat them.

We guarantee that this fish doesn’t have an exoskeleton or a sharp spine, which can harm your axolotls. This characteristic makes it different from the mini shrimps and snails. Another feature of this fish is its small sizes. And they want to live in colder temperatures.


To summarize, an axolotl can’t live with fishes because they may eat it, or it may eat them. Though we listed recommendations above, still, axolotls see them as their prey. But the good thing is that they won’t harm your axolotls because of their harmless spines.

And they won’t be a threat too that unlike other fishes, can bring diseases and can cause stress.