Can Axolotls Live In A Pond?

Water quality is one crucial factor that you need to consider when buying an Axolotls. Some axolotls owners say that this amphibian is a forgiving animal. That is why you need to know what is the correct care for them. And it is possible if you keep them in the right water conditions.

Can Axolotls live in a pond? Axolotls can live in a pond, so long as the climate will bring no harm to them. Temperature is one thing that you also need to consider when deciding to put them in a pond.

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As you read on, you’ll learn why Axolotls can live in ponds. And you’ll realize that it’s more favorable for them too.

Axolotls Can Live In A Pond

We know that Axolotls belong to the family of salamanders. Salamanders are amphibians, that’s why Axolotls can live in a pond. Amphibians can survive in most types of habitats: forests, streams, lakes, and rivers.

And this is the simplest reason why they can live in ponds. They are Amphibians.

We know you can’t remove the fact that you’re still anxious about it. When Axolotls start living in a pond, they can eat prey like insects and mosquito larvae. But, you have to ensure that the climate won’t harm them.

In case you forget it, Axolotls should live in a habitat that has a temperature, not above 75 degrees celsius.

So when you know that winter is coming, it’s time for you to remove them in a pond. Experts also say to maintain their health. You need to remove them in the pond every two weeks.

To make sure they don’t suffer from anchor worm, you need to take them out of it once every two weeks.

Feeding Axolotls In Ponds Are Easier

You think that Axolotls can’t eat when in ponds. Disregard this thinking because they can eat and find food for themselves even if you forget to feed them for a couple of days. That aside from mosquito larvae and insects, Axolotls can also eat tadpoles and bugs.

But to have a peace of mind, you can throw at them their recommended foods once a week or two. And if in case your axolotls are showing a hard time in their metabolism, then it may be due to the temperature.

Meaning they might suffer from what they called “heat stress.” Symptoms of heat stress include food refusal and pale-patches mucus-like on their skin.

When this happens, it’s’ your time to remove them in a pond and put them back in the aquarium. Treating this mucus-like is like treating a fungal inspection. But remember that you can’t get rid of it completely if the temperature is still low.


In general, Axolotls can live in peace at ponds like they are in an aquarium. So there’s nothing for you to worry about it. As their responsible owner, checking them once in a while will make them still feel loved.

And to ensure their health, don’t forget to pull them out in the pond to check possible bites or cuts.