Curling Fins

If you wake up eventually to discover your betta fish fins secured and also crinkled, the first thing you might consider is fin rot. Yet as I investigated this problem, I found out that there are various underlying reasons for betta fish.

What creates the curling of betta fish fins? Betta fins crinkling is typically due to congenital diseases as well as aging. However, it could also show injury or imbalances in water parameters such as nitrates, pH, solidity, and ammonia. Infections can also trigger betta fins curling.

This brief read will undoubtedly aid you in identifying what is creating the curling of your betta fish’s fin and its possible therapy.


Below are a few of the possible causes of crinkled betta fins and their definitive therapy:


Genetic anomalies can be the factor for betta fins crinkling. Similar to aging, you can not remedy a congenital disease in bettas. So, your only selection to eliminate it is to stop replicating.


Another possible reason for betta fins crinkling is injury. Since bettas are known to have an aggressive streak, particularly males, injuries are relatively common.

Bettas see fins as an easy target, and also some even assault their very own fins.


The typical lifespan of a betta fish is between 2 and four years. With appropriate care, it can expand for as much as ten years.

Something is for sure, though: betta fish will inevitably age, similar to any other animal. Betta fins curling is one symptom of growing old.

Nothing can reverse the aging procedure of betta. Old bettas are white spots, discolored shades, and sleepiness, among the other signs.

Water Parameters

What exists in the water can influence the well-being of your betta fish. Because of this, you must constantly watch the water criteria of your aquarium.

For example, you must keep ammonia zero, a temperature level of 76 ° F to 81 ° F, and a 6.5 to 7.5 pH balance.

You are likewise required to keep the nitrate focus at less than 40ppm and zero levels of nitrite.


Who would think that betta fish obtain emphasized? Crinkled fins are signs of tension for bettas, and the adding factors to their stress and anxiety are little containers.

So, pick the best dimension of the aquarium for your fish.

Water Hardness

Water hardness indicates the volume of minerals present in the water, directly associated with pH.

The hardness of the water equates to the degree of liquified minerals existing in it.

This implies that a high volume of minerals in the water suggests a high pH level. Bettas can thrive just in between a 5 to 20 pH water hardness.


Betta fins curling is not a regular point. Although this symptom shows up when they get old, a young betta should not have curled fins.

Because of this, make sure to give the best environment for your bettas to preserve their well-being as well as lovely fins.