Fishing Net

Fly fishing is a method used by anglers to catch fishes with a lightweight lure called artificial fly. These flies look like natural invertebrates, baitfish, or other food organisms. Fly fishing is usually done in fresh or saltwater, and there are different techniques in fly fishing that differ with habitats.

The different types of nets are rubber mesh net, carbon fiber net, extendable aluminum net, wood handle mesh, folding net, measure net, and long handle net. These nets are advisable for fly fishing because they have a low risk of injuring and harming the target fish.

As you proceed in reading, you will learn more about why these nets are essential in fly fishing. You will also learn that there are also different kits that you may consider if you’re a first-timer and the importance of having fly fishing nets.

Nets Depending On Its Handle And Sizes

Rubber Mesh Net

Flyfishers usually use this net because aside from it causes less harm to fish. It doesn’t tangle easily, resulting in no damage to the fish while catching them than those made up of nylon.

This net is also highly durable and doesn’t spook too many fishes easily because it virtually disappears underwater. Usually, its handle is made from laminated bamboo and hardwood and is ideally used in rivers, lakes, or streams.

Aside from laminate bamboo and hardwood, its handle can also be made from aluminum. Its capacity is usually at 9.5” x 16” x 10” in depth hoop, and sizes are from

17” to 100” in length and 9” in handle’s length.

Carbon Fiber Hand Net

This type of net is also good in all sorts of freshwater and saltwater scenarios. It is best used when catching small-sized species like bonefish and various reef fish. Because of its UV-resistant carbon fiber, it can take a severe beating and stand up to the salt long term.

It has a 26-inch long net and an 18 by 13-inch head usually, making it best to catch erratic fishes easier. You may find it a little bit pricey because of its construction material and its rubberized grip.

Extendable Aluminum Net

This net is composed of aluminum alloy that makes it great and suitable for saltwater use and is resistant to corrosion. It said that it could also rinse thoroughly after a whole day of fishing in some saltwater. It can also be transitioned into an almost mid-sized net, making it unique to other nets for fly fishing.

The size of the head is usually 8 inches by 13.5 inches, and its handle can extend from 10 to 14 inches, making its size suitable in catching smaller-sized species like bonefish and speckled trout.

Wood Handle Mesh

Though its net is made from polyester, this one is of those highly affordable fishing nets. It is considered classic fly fishers look and is usually very lightweight as it is under 11 ounces in weight.

A polyester net does is that it can be more damaging when catching fish compared to a rubber mesh net. Its total length is 23 inches, making it smaller than others. That’s why it is best to be extra careful when you’re traveling with it.

Measure Net

This net is considered one of the best large fishing nets that will allow you to catch, measure, and release your catch without even holding it. After landing your fish, you can measure it by simply adding the numbers at the nose and tail of the fish.

This net is built with high-quality aluminum tubing with a 26-inch durable telescopic handle and a 28-inch hoop. It also has a durable rubber grip that will allow your net to float in the water and ensure the fish’s safety.

Folding Fishing Net

This net is made of the best high-quality-density carbon fiber, fiberglass, and high-quality nylon materials. The nylon used in this net is waterproof, and it helps protect the net from waterlogging, bad odors, and bacteria.

To collapse the net, you need to push the button at the lower side and bend the hoops on each side. This net is lightweight and will usually float in the water.

Its material is also hook-proof, and the net is only 12″ large. Making it easier to store and transport wherever you want to go fishing. This net is best when you want to land a small fish.

Long Handle Net

This net usually has a net area of 20 inches, with an extra 15-inch to 35-inch length. Its long handle makes it the perfect net for fishing.

The net is made of rubber mesh, which means it won’t spook or harm the fish. Its burl wood handle makes it more attractive and appealing.

Its handle comes with markings of 5 and 10 inches on the 15-inch handle that allows measuring the fish without handling it. Unlike other nets, when you lose your grip, don’t worry, as it will just float.

Fly Fishing Starter Kit

New to fly fishing? Don’t worry as different lists of starter kits will help you to get started.

5-Weight 9′ Fly Rod Outfit

This starter kit includes some rods, reels, and flies lines that are the right choice when you’re starting your fishing habit. Its rod has a smooth action, and its handle is comfortable to grasp and is crafted from real cork.

The versatility of its rod is also essential, especially for those who are into an experiment with various styles of fly fishing. The encounter is a mid to fast action rod, making it perfect for the newscaster.

The included reel is built with a stainless steel disc drag system, and the rod has a sharp, high-quality look.

Path Fly Rod Kit

This starter kit was another great introduction when you decided to start fishing. It offers a great deal as there are attractive rods and reels, which is a great combo when fishing.

Its path fly rod is built with alignment dots that make it easier to set up. And the wooden reel is even laser-etched that seats on all the rods 6 weight and under.             

Wild Water Deluxe Starter Package

This package is such a great deal as it includes some essential gear like nippers, forceps, leader material, and more. It even consists of an assortment of size 14 flies to start casting and fishing with.

The rod is a slow action and mid-flex IM8 graphite, slightly different from the medium-fast action. This rod is recommended when you try to plan on fishing dry flies and nymphs.

Meanwhile, the large arbor aluminum fly fishing reel is spooled with 20-pound backing and has a five-weight forward line.

Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

This combo kit has a small fly box with 12 wet and dry flies, a grade A cork handle, and an aluminum reel seat match. It also has a quality full rod and reel case with rod sock.

There are a nine-foot-eight weight and several other rod options in this combo kit. Experts say that the standard rod size to learn is five weight, but a three-weight will give you different approaches when catching fish.

It is also equipped with Dacron backing, fly line, and a leader, and a little assortment of tackle with a fly box. So when you feel like the price is quite costly, do not hesitate to buy it because it a great deal.

Fly Fishing Kit with Crosswater Reel

This starter kit is available as a four weight up to an eight weight whatsoever right for your fishing style. Its reel has laser-etched wooden that sets on all the rods 6 weight and under.

The included rod case is of excellent quality, making its value more pricey because of the set-up. While the Crosswater reel comes RIO Mainstream WF line, making it capable for beginners to learn how to cast. The fly rod is built with alignment dots for an easy set-up, which most beginners appreciate.

Complete 4-piece Outfit

This kit is perfect for beginners as it is mid to fast action rod. You can cast the streamers slowly so it delicately layout dry flies and nymphs. This kit usually offers 5,6,7, or 8 weight, making it perfect for those fishers targeting a freshwater species.

Types Of Nets

Different types of nets vary on their styles, and some of these common type includes:

  1. Collapsible – These types of nets have a foldable frame, which means they can be packed flat, allowing you to slip them into your bag. It can also be attached to your fishing vest and easily bring into the water when you hook a fish.

  2. Scoop – These types of nets are usually attached to a rector with a magnetic release. This type of net is ideal for grayling and river trout, and most scoop nets are built with a wooden frame.

  3. Fixed Frames And Handle – When catching and landing large fish, this type of net is commonly used. Its longer handle nets are used from warcraft, which can be left on the side when fishers hook it to the boat’s bottom.

Yes, You Need One

Many catch-and-release considers fly fishing, that to get a good fish, you need to have a useful net. Having a good handle on trout is also good as it may allow them to get back to the water without any harm.

A fly fishing net helps reduce handling hook removal, enabling us to stay in the water throughout the entire time. And this makes the first reason why many fishers prefer to buy a fly fishing net, even if it’s pricey, because they know it is worth it.

The second reason is, it will help you secure a fish to wear it out or get it close enough to grab the tail. And who wouldn’t want to miss the perfect memory of landing a monster fish just because you didn’t bring with you your fishing net?

You won’t wish that to happen right, so remember to bring your fly fishing net with you. It is hard to catch a fish with your bare hands while your friends have it; remember the catch and release techniques.

Lastly, most newbies don’t know the catch and release technique, so long as they catch it, it’s okay. That is why having a flying fish net is important because it teaches you to catch fishes without even hurting and injuring them.

If you intend to photograph with it, you better use flying nets to return to its habitat without any wounds or injury; remember that even fishes also have a role in our ecosystem.


In general, choosing a fly fishing net is essential, especially for catch-and-release fishing. Some nets come in different designs, but always make sure and do research first before purchasing one.

To get the best net for fly fishing, consider the size of the net, length of the handle, materials used, and the cost. It would help if you also considered that nets you will be using impact fishes; make sure it won’t harm them.

Remember that every fish has a role in the ecosystem, so when catching fish, try not to harm or injure them. TI is hard for them to return to their habitat wounded because no one will take care of them except themselves.