Are Albino Axolotls Blind?

Albino Axolotls are one unique animal that one can ever have. Some would call them as the Mexican walking fish. Still, they are not one type of fish. As many would think and expect. And this type of animal belongs to the family of tiger salamanders.

Are albino axolotls blind? Not all albino axolotls are blind, as what others may think and expect. They can see colors like red, and they can see in the dark too.

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As you read on, you will learn that albino axolotls are not all blind. And that some would think they are because they prefer to use their sense of smell more than their eyes.

Albino Axolotls Are Not Blind

As said, not all albino axolotls are blind. Because like many amphibians, they can see some colors, but it’s limited. This type of animal has different abilities for them to see. Some see better, and some don’t see anything at all.

Axolotls have existed for a very long time. That’s why their eyes have adapted to different kinds of environments. Experts say that they can see colors too based on their certain foods. And that they have different abilities also to be able to see.

Some Albino axolotls can see farther than others, some would see meters away, and some are blurry. Meaning they have difficulties in determining what’s in front of them. And tendencies are, they’ll hit it because of their poor vision.

They Can See Red Color And In The Dark

In case you didn’t know, Albino Axolotls can see red color and in the dark. They can also see other colors and can distinguish one color too from another. As they say, Axolotls can see more in the dark. And that they prefer to have low light and brightness rather than with bright lights.

One reason why they won’t like bright light is that it scares them. The movements of Axolotls are always facilitated with one smell and vibrations. Yes, there may be times that you caught them staring at you, but that doesn’t mean they can see you. But it’s because of your smell and movement.

And also they prefer to use their sense of smell when they are preying on something.

Is It Possible That Your Albino Axolotls Go Blind?

Axolotls like albino can develop blindness in the future. Yes, though they have a better vision for a long time, still they can develop blindness. It’s because when the water in the tank has inconsistency in its levels.

Remember to check the PH, Ammonia, and Nitrate levels in your axolotl’s water tank.

Experts suggest that to be able to have a safe environment, make sure their tank is clean. Clean means avoid putting some gravel in its bare bottom. And though water doesn’t have a direct effect on their vision, still it can have an impact on their health.

That’s why when you suspect them of having problems, don’t hesitate to call experts help.


In general, this article makes us realize that Albino Axolotls are not blind at all. But though some are blind, it is because of some factors. That they can see colors and they can use their eyes better when it’s dark. But, like any other amphibians, Axolotls needs care and love too if their health is at stake.