Angelfish Eggs Turn White

Breeding angelfish is challenging, yet can be exciting for the first 6 to 12 months. However, getting a mature egg can be difficult because their eggs kept on turning white, and neither of you makes a good fry. The main reason why this phenomenon happened is because of fungal development.

Why do the angelfish eggs turn white? There are many factors why this phenomenon is happening and understanding this concept will get you more fry in no time. The factors include the location where they lay their eggs, their privacy concerns, and the angelfish appetite for eggs.

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In this lesson, you will be enlightened on the factors why the angelfish eggs turned white and how to take care of these eggs, so you’ll get good results.

Factors Why Eggs Turned White

When angelfish eggs are neglected by their parents or by their carer, the bacteria will form inside the tank and harm the eggs. Below are the lists of the factors:

Giving New Parents Angelfish Privacy

The primary point for breeding is to prevent new parents from having distractions, especially when they are defending their eggs. When the male angelfish leaves his spot, it would be difficult for him to get back in properly. So, better to leave the fish alone and then, give them time to breed so they can take care of their eggs properly.

Parents Eat their Eggs

Eating their fry is already a warning that your angelfish is not comfortable with the situation they are currently in. To avoid it from swallowing its eggs, then you have to rearrange the aquarium slightly. If the parent fish felt that their eggs might not survive, like being surrounded by fungi, then their best resolution is to eat them. Another factor why they ate them is because of their irregular diet, so you have to make sure that they are adequately fed.

Maintaining Fish Eggs

Taking care of the eggs is quite challenging because they needed consistent maintenance. If they don’t receive proper treatment, then the most unfortunate thing will most likely happen.

Frequent Water Change

Fungus tends to grow in waters, which pH levels are too high. It happens when the fish keeps on urinating in the aquarium. To slow the fungal growth, you have to change the water frequently so that the eggs will grow healthy.

The Location Of The Aquarium

The female angelfish usually deposits the eggs in places with still waters. If the eggs are laid in fast-moving waters, then there might be no remedy. When the eggs were laid in woods, then there might be a possibility that the fungus will accumulate into the eggs. The easiest way to use during breeding is proving the angelfish a breeding cone because they don’t fall over usually. This kind of container is also portable and easy to clean.


To conclude, some breeders are failing in this area due to a lack of experience in handling angelfish eggs. They may be challenging, but the outcome of it after you’ve done something wonderful for them may result in beautiful creatures. If you still need help, then online forums for fish breeders are always available.